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Stop ignoring your in-house data, unlock it and profit.

Business owners andmarketers should pull more value from their entrenched CRMs and other offline databases to fuel a more modern tactic: programmatic advertising targeted to specific households or “addressable programmatic”. According to eMarketer, by 2020, almost 90% of all mobile display ads and 86.2% of all digital display ads will be bought via automated channels.

In some businesses direct mail has been used for decades. At the core of this marketing tactic is extremely valuable data source that includes customers’ and prospects’ mailing addresses and, in some cases, purchase history, consumer behavior and preferences.

Today, marketers can leverage this very same data to create highly effective digital advertising campaigns. You can use both Google and/or Facebook to target digital ads to prospects from these databases to support direct mail initiatives, or even as a standalone push. These digital campaigns are a cost-effective way to leverage this historic data and a great way to reinforce your brand message. In fact, eMarketer stated that business owners or marketers that are creating multiple touchpoints for their brand see a 33.46% higher recognition.

Blending direct mail advertising with digital marketing can also improve your approach to measurement and attribution. While it’s almost impossible to measure with confidence how many prospects opened, read or saw your mailer, it is quite simple to track how many people clicked on a digital ad or visited your website. These verifiable metrics can help you determine which households are most interested in your marketing message and help you focus your successive outreach efforts. For example, you could invest in a second direct mailer targeting households that engaged with your digital ads.

Marketers who are trying to drive foot traffic to a particular location can use footfall monitoring technologies to more precisely measure the effectiveness of their efforts. To better gauge the advertising’s performance, a business can track conversions, using these technologies, by the percentage of people who received the mailer and/or digital ads and then went on to visit the business.

Many businesses are sitting on a valuable vein of data. Whether you are a direct mail proponent or not, you can use the very same data that fuels these types of campaigns to unlock a whole new era of advertising. The paring of this data and technology will improve your programmatic targeting, either as a tactic for bolstering your direct mail campaigns or as a standalone strategy.

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