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Direct Mail – Time for a change?

The vast majority of direct mail has been done the same way for the last 20 years. We, however, are seeing a much more targeted and personalized version as the norm. The problem is that marketers are still managing that direct marketing channel in a silo. This is a massive mistake. When you combine your direct mail with digital marketing, you enhance it and drive better results. We believe that this process requires modern sources of data.

Here are some examples of digital and direct mail combinations that work this way.

  • Mobile Ads — You can use display ads in conjunction with your mail. You can match your direct mail data file to an FSA (first three digits of the postal code) and then mobile phones in that area on your mail list. These ads capture your customers and prospects as they are browsing or using apps. It gives you more opportunities to persuade your prospects and customers to make a purchase.
  • Facebook/Google Ads — You can use Facebook or Google ads in conjunction with your mail. You can match your direct mail data file in both these platforms. This will allow you to send targeted ads to your customers and prospects. In addition, you can use look-a-like models in these systems to find new prospects that have similar profiles to your current consumers. This works particularly well if you have small email lists and you want to expand your reach.
  • Email — Not surprisingly, most marketers are still using email, but are not combining it with their direct mail campaigns. The great thing about adding email to direct mail is that you can use them both to build out the campaign. By that, we mean that you can follow one or the other to reinforce your message. This, however, is not always the common practice but it’s a very cost effective way of growing interest in your product(s).

Marketing is often a numbers game so increasing your exposure increases your response rates. So it’s simple, by adding a digital component to a direct campaign you can increase this exposure. The best part about digital marketing is that it has a relatively low cost and can be tracked in real time. Are you ready to get started? Click here so we can show you how.